Tuesday, July 27, 2010


All i think of is Spongebob
On an unrelated topic. Is it just me or do people talk about really inappropriate things on facebook and use very poor manners. Do they see that some of their friends are children? Do they realize that everyone can see what they are writing? and who with? and when they will be out of town? and where they are at the moment? Seriously it is a child molester, peeping tom, and burglars Heaven.
So many manners have been lost over the years. Jamie Pearce must be in Hell.

Sunday, July 11, 2010


Here you Go -

Goonies (Left to Right from the top)

1. Mouth’s comb
2. Brand’s sweet stolen ride
3. Water served at the Fratelli’s restaurant
4. Copper Bones skeleton key
5. Troy’s rear-view mirror
6. Spanish Doubloon
7. One-Eyed Willie
8. Treasure Map
9. Pinchers of Peril
10. Mikey’s inhaler
11. “That’s my mom’s most favorite piece! ”
12. Sloth’s Baby Ruth
13. Chunk gets interrogated
14. Brand’s dangerous workout equipment
15. “Andy, you Goonie!”
16. The rocks of Astoria
17. Marble bag of precious stones
18. Steph’s broken glasses

Friday, July 9, 2010

Fun Times

OK so these might not exactly (or at all) fit the bill for this blog, but I thought they were fun and that most people who read this blog would agree

Below are 18 referenced items from The Goonies - can you name them all?

99 references from Seinfeld - Good Luck!

I will post the answers later - again my apologies if I am ruining the integrity of this blog. Happy Friday ya'll :)

I'm bringing sexy back, yup!

Is my butt really that big?

PS This is a cringe photo!